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My blog will touch upon many topics for treating body/mind/spirit, from diet and exercise to coping, discovering, appreciating, accepting and healing.

My Highly Sensitive Recovery – Part 17

As an HSP, I have lived what seems like many a lifetime. This means I have seen life from many different angles of joy and struggles, high’s and low’s, all over the world. An HSP therapist needs a good wide-angle lens! And so it is.

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My Highly Sensitive Recovery – Part 12

It is a major ordeal for anyone to undergo invasive surgery. However, for highly sensitive people the result can be a longer recovery and healing time. It is important to have health care providers that understand these differences.

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My Highly Sensitive Recovery – Part 11

I’ve learned how to manage and even overcome the ailments with which I once struggled. This is one of the reasons why my life mission is to help other highly sensitive people learn how to better manage their Self Care.

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